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Dances Offerred

Linda currently teaches professional Ballroom and Latin dance at the Olympian Ballroom in West Reading, PA. She offers a variety of dances and hopes that you would join her in learning some of them. 

Lisa Peterson & Mark Smith

Linda meets you where you are as a dancer. If you have previous experience, she reviews the basics to ensure proficiency, both technically and stylistically, but moves on to give challenging new step to work on in parallel. And if you have no previous dance experience, she starts at the basics with wonderful patience. If a certain dance step is not sinking in, she applies different modes of teaching to help break through the block.

Jack & Carole Lusch

Forty years ago we came here with the idea of getting about three swing dance lessons. Well, we’ve kept coming back ever since! With the guidance of highly qualified, patient and friendly teachers we’ve learned a wide variety of dances, shared a wonderful experience, and are still dancing!”


Linda Theodossiou

The director of the Olympian Dance Studios is Linda Topez Theodossiou. Linda is a champion professional dancer for over 20 years with many dance accomplishments to her credit. Like alot dedicated dancers, Linda continued to refine her skills with a well-known dance organization and from the Imperial Society of teachers of dance and now runs her own private studio.


Jerry, her husband, had been a champion professional dancer for over 35 years. Jerry had been the dance director for a major dance organization. He had won the prestigious first place professional ballroom dancing award at the New York World's Fair. The New York World's Fair featured professional dancers from all over the world. The dance team of Jerry and Linda placed second in the ballroom division of the prestigious National dance championships of a well-known dance company. Other major accomplishments in their careers are the top teacher award in many dance competitions, as well as top studio awards.


Jerry and Linda's successes can be seen in their students awards for dance. Many have won many first place awards in several dance competitions which includes the National Dance Championships of a well-known organization. Some of Jerry's group classes have been meeting for over 14 years, including a group that started in conjunction with the Reading Area Community College. Now Linda continues to teach in Jerry's memory.Linda looks forward to teaching you the beautiful art of ballroom dancing. You too will dance like a professional when you join with her at the Olympian Ballroom and Dance Studio! God Bless!

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